Introducing Gordon Veniard

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After spending thirty years creating and selling print advertising, and training others to do the same, Gordon has focused in recent years on creating powerful and effective content and copy for websites, blogs, products, direct and email marketing, magazines and newsletters - and more. He also wrote 200 issues of his own Bulletin for publishing companies.


In just the last 6 years or so, Gordon has completed over 5500 different pieces of work ranging from complete website content rewrites to Scribe video scripts, blogs for companies as diverse as motor dealers and medical insurance, or printers to online gift shops; plus specific case studies, general interest articles, and so much more. His copy has been used by businesses and organisations located across the UK, USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


Gordon is also the author of more than a dozen terrific value Kindle titles, covering a wide range of key communication, personal development and team management skills.

Professional content and copy writer