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And what's more; this ain't wrong!

August 9, 2018

For people of a certain age, their English teachers would be in a fury...

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The affect of using wrong words!

January 16, 2018

Which, you've probably spotted, should read 'effect' - and should 'wrong' be 'incorrect'? Trying to be linguistically correct is a minefield. Which, it's not of course, but we often use the comparison.


The brilliant i newspaper has a regular 'Pedants' Corner to deal with occasions where readers spot inaccuracies. Today, we learned (but we didn't unless you also read it) that 'inquiries' refer to formal investigations, more casually we would 'enquire'.


The paper reported that Theresa May attempted to diffuse a situation. She had no reason to 'spread it over a wide area' when simply defusing it would be more effective! You might also like to know that snakes should probably be referred to as venemous rather than poisonous. By the way, the word should have read 'venomous'.


It's still the case that many people become frustrated about such errors, and this can effect how they view the individual or company posting the content. Or even affect their view.


Me, I have moments of frustration. One is using 'me' at the start of the previous sentence - it's tautology. To complain or just let it go - which is the best way to deal with any errors you spot? Or even, the better way!


REMINDER: Any errors in this posting, apart from those discussed, are caused solely and only by my own (tautological) incompetence!

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